Workshop: Working with power & difference

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Join us for our third workshop of 2022, hosted by Sierra Ramírez. These workshops are meant to be stand-alone sessions, though you’re encouraged to watch the first workshop and second workshop if you were unable to attend.

Working with power & difference

Every organization is missing out on something. Missing out on code that volunteers haven’t had the chance to write, missing out on friendships that haven’t been made yet, and missing out on partnerships that have yet to be built. Getting the most out of any collaboration requires honing in on POWER.

In this workshop, we will discuss working through differences and power dynamics in our groups. We will learn about accountability models, how to clear a held feeling with someone, and ways everyone can use their power more wisely and skillfully. We’ll be thinking about how to handle grievances effectively, and we’ll be discussing how to protect the collective interest while at the same time building power for ideas and identity groups (often under-represented races, genders, ethnicities etc.) that require more amplification.

This workshop is open to members of the Network, including Brigade volunteers, partners, and Code for America staff.

Event Materials

:film_projector: Recording of the workshop
:open_book: Workshop slide deck

Brigade Challenge

  1. Find one person in your Brigade to try out preparing a held feeling and story (just as we did in the breakout).
  2. If you have some structure already, start a conversation about caucuses and other ways your group might want to shift power dynamics. Everyone should start from their own experience and desires. Amplify the underdog. Avoid permanent solutions. If it feels scary, ask for support! We’re here for you.

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