Workshop: The art of orienting: Building relationships and moving as a group

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Join us for our second workshop of 2022, hosted by Sierra Ramírez. These workshops are meant to be stand-alone sessions, though you’re encouraged to watch the first workshop if you were unable to attend.

The art of orienting: Building relationships and moving as a group

Group projects can be challenging! How can we develop our fellow volunteers’ potential, keep our groups energized AND adapt to changing needs? In this session we will learn what it takes to get rooted in cooperative relationships in our brigades and organizations, to welcome newcomers, and to start moving and making decisions together. We’ll pick up some helpful tools like depletion/repletion strategizing, one-on-one organizing conversations, Fist to Five for vibe checks and quick decisions, and a practice for appreciations that will keep the power circulating. The new skills (and our discussion) will be super helpful for participant driven and directly democratic groups.

This workshop is open to members of the Network, including CFA staff, Brigade members, and partners.

Event Materials

:film_projector: Recording of the workshop
:open_book: Workshop slide deck
:jigsaw: Brigade Challenge: The Art of Orienting
:busts_in_silhouette: Onboarding resources for Brigades

Brigade Challenge

After watching the workshop and going through the slide deck, teach depletion/repletion strategizing to your group!

Evaluate your current orienting approach together. What does it look like for new and longer term members? Is it time to update it?

To get more help, coaching, or strategize your way out of frustration and into cooperative leadership, sign up for office hours with Sierra Ramírez by messaging her on Slack or emailing her at!


The wiki for this event is at: Onboarding Resources for Brigades [Wiki]

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@thadk & Sierra made a video of some of the depletion/repletion strategies from the Workshop. Uploaded here: Brigade Challenge: The art of orienting - YouTube