Workshop Alerts: Creating Shared Goals + Brigade Strategic Consultations!

One month in! How has 2022 been for you, your brigade, and your fellow volunteers so far?

Whether your answer is “Amazing, we’re firing on all cylinders!”, “Rough, we’re overwhelmed and lost”, or anywhere in between – this post is about connecting you to support that can add fuel to your fire or get you back on your feet.

Code for America’s adoption of our ReVisioning Recommendation will mean new resources available to your brigade, but connecting with any of them starts with establishing one critical thing: GOALS.

What are your individual and brigade goals for 2022?

Maybe you’ve already figured that out and are actively working through your strategies. Maybe you haven’t had time to think about it until you read this sentence. But without that as a starting point, we can’t tailor our support, rally contributors to your projects, or point others to your amazing work for inspiration. In this email, we are sharing with you two opportunities to continue sharpening your goals for 2022 regardless of your starting point:

  1. A public workshop connected to our Direct Democracy Pilot
  2. A private workshop just for your brigade (integrated into one of your upcoming meetups or scheduled separately) and stakeholders

We would love to see you at both! Here are the details:

:star: Creating Shared Goals with Emergent Strategy

On February 17, 2022, we will be hosting Creating Shared Goals with Emergent Strategy: the first of our monthly workshop series on community organizing, how to create distributed leadership, deliberation, and clear decision-making processes for your Brigade.

This workshop will give you space to practice goal setting for your group. We’ll introduce principles of Emergent Strategy that you can apply in creating shared goals amongst team members. We highly encourage Brigade members to join in and practice creating a shared vision for their Brigade!

The lessons in this workshop will be specific to Brigade organizing, but applicable to people who are engaged in many organizing contexts. Feel free to invite other Network members (whether or not they are affiliated with a Brigade) to the event.

Click here to RSVP for the public workshop!

:star: Brigade Strategic Consultations

In addition to that public workshop, we’re also launching Brigade Strategic Consultations! Brigade Strategic Consultations are guided strategy workshops held with just your Brigade members and are designed to be an extension of the public workshop. During these consultations, we’ll dive even deeper into Emergent Strategy principles and explore how they can be applied to support the growth of your Brigade.

Bookings are now open from February 14 - March 11, 2022. You can choose to have your consultation during a Meetup drop-in (during which our team joins one of your Brigade’s already scheduled Meetups to hold the workshop with your entire member base) OR a private session with just Brigade leaders and select members.

And while we highly recommend that Brigade members attend the Creating Shared Goals with Emergent Strategy workshop prior to your Brigade Strategic Consultation, it is not a requirement to sign up for a consultation.

Why sign up?

  1. Gain clarity on your goals and vision as a Brigade
  2. Get guidance with evaluating your Brigade’s current practices to identify your Brigade’s needs & challenges
  3. Receive curated resources to support your Brigade’s goals (these are materials/connections that will be developed by our Brigade team after your consultation)

How to sign up:

  1. Decide with your team if you want to schedule a Meetup drop-in or a private session.
  2. Use Calendly to book a date and time for your Brigade’s consultation (Brigade leaders, check your emails for the signup link. Emails were sent from on Tuesday, 2/8)

Note: Because many Brigades meet at the same time, our team will manually check each booking request for scheduling conflicts and will reach out to you after you sign up to confirm the details. We recommend requesting your time slot ASAP–especially if your Brigade meets on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Hope to see you at one (or both) of the workshops! 😄 Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or reach out to us if you have any questions.

Jess and the Brigade Network Team