Direct Democracy Teach-in! Tales and tools from the Direct Democracy Pilot cohort [Brigade Congress 2022]

This is the place to find notes, slides, and discussions about this session at Brigade Congress 2022:

Direct Democracy

Presented by: Sierra Ramirez
Date/Time: Saturday, October 15, 2022 at 10:00am-11:15am CT

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  • Both In-person and Virtually: Inside TechArtista in the Ballroom area

Breakout Session Resources:

:notebook: Shared Notes Link on Google Drive
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:memo: Transcription


For most of this year, a stellar cohort representing Chicago, Fresno, Sacramento, and Oakland have been studying and beginning to apply principles of Direct Democracy! Come and learn about the slow & steady but transformative approach to organizing teams and networks! We’ll talk about why (and how) building collective decision-making power is critical for sustainable, equitable organizations. Direct Democracy can fight burnout and change the world! Come learn more this Saturday.

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