Updates from Code for America staff or Brigade members. Post here if you have an update to share with the Network!

National Advisory Council (NAC)

A general place to interact with your National Advisory Council. Some things you might see here are… meeting notes, announcements, what NAC is working on. It’s also a great place to ask questions and give suggestions on how you’d like to use NAC as a resource.

Brigade Action Teams

See an opportunity bigger than your local community? Discuss and propose collaborations between members of different brigades across the national network. Subcategories here provide dedicated spaces for approved BATs.

Diversity and Inclusion

How does your Brigade work to better represent the diversity in your community? Let’s discuss best practices here about how to improve our community’s diversity and inclusion.

Culture and Core Values

A place for discussion of our values, including Code of Conduct processes, safe spaces, and our guiding principles.

Event Planning

Got ideas for events? Here’s the place to share best practices for throwing awesome (and impactful) events!


This category’s all about the money. How does your brigade raise money? Ask other brigade leaders here or share tips and resources.


Governance is the process by which your Brigade makes decisions. What leadership structure do you use? Post your bylaws here!

Marketing and PR

Getting the word out – how does your Brigade do it? Here’s a great place to discuss techniques for engaging local press, nailing an interview, and social media strategies.

Organizing a Brigade

Every Brigade started from the same place. Wherever you are along the journey of getting your Brigade off the ground, discuss your methods here and ask experienced organizers for help.


None of us can do this alone. In this category, share knowledge about what makes your partnerships with other organizations work.


The meat and potatoes of our work. Share your projects, ideas, and management techniques here.

Skills Sharing

Questions, tips, and how-tos for all the tactical and technical skills we employ to get our civic hacking done.


When you discover that new tool you think could help others, or just want to bookmark for yourself later, share it here! Search and ask here first whenever you feel like the right tool for your job simply must be out there already.

Volunteer Management

Volunteering should be fun AND productive, but how can we do that when we’re volunteers ourselves? Discuss your concerns, experiences, and strategies for engaging brigade and project members.


Share your ideas and constructive criticisms for this forum and any other spaces or resources provided by the network