Workshop: Decisionmaking methods and points of unity

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Join us for our fourth workshop of 2022, hosted by Sierra Ramírez / @SereniT03 :

Decisionmaking methods and points of unity

Empowered decision-making and building autonomous networks

How do we make decisions and coordinate big networks without getting bogged down or giving away our power? In this workshop we will experiment with several decision making models, and learn about their pros and cons. We’ll also learn about a critical tool for coordinating a network without hierarchy: Points of Unity. With points of unity, we can create coalitions that are safer for dissent and diversity, but that can also stick together and get stuff done! Another world is possible! Come join us to learn more.

These workshops are meant to be stand-alone sessions, though you’re encouraged to watch the previous workshops:

  1. Creating Shared Goals with Emergent Strategy
  2. Building Relationships and Moving as a Group
  3. Working with Power & Difference

Event Materials

:film_projector: Recording
:open_book: Workshop slide deck
:busts_in_silhouette: One-On-Ones: The Art of Orienting

Brigade Challenge

After watching the workshop and going through the slide deck:

  1. Do some one-on-ones
  2. Pick and customize a decision-making model, then use it for a month!

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