Workshop: Changing your organization through consensus-building

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Changing your organization through consensus-building

Projects aren’t flowing, people are upset or don’t stick around. But, you have an inkling of what could fix it! What do you do with that idea?

At this month’s Direct Democracy workshop, you’ll:

  1. Learn how to get to collective decision-making processes in your team.
  2. Learn HOW to work those processes meaningfully to create real changes, through cooperative communication techniques.
  3. Get to name your fears related to speaking up for an idea you care about, and then get support moving to solutions. Maybe you had a fear of: being shamed for being wrong, losing, or other people’s reactions?

The 3 Direct Democracy pilot Brigades will bring some ideas they want to raise the profile of in the Network. So you’ll have a chance to participate in real life organizational consensus building! Their ideas include proposed sessions at this year’s Brigade Congress, as well as changes in how Code for America relates with Brigades and National Action Teams. Join us in turning inklings into reality!

These workshops are meant to be stand-alone sessions, though you’re encouraged to watch the previous workshops:

  1. Creating Shared Goals with Emergent Strategy
  2. Building Relationships and Moving as a Group
  3. Working with Power & Difference
  4. Decisionmaking methods and points of unity
  5. Navigating relationships; in teams and community partnerships

Event Materials

:open_book: Workshop Slide Deck

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