Workshop: Navigating relationships; in teams and community partnerships

:spiral_calendar: Thursday, June 30, 2022 @ 8pm ET / 5pm PT

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Group work can be tough! And partnering with other groups can be even harder. How do you build trust so you can get great things done? How do you select groups to collaborate with in the first place? The interpersonal dynamics can be complex, but with some practice, and some hard-won wisdom from your peers, you’ll be much more effective. Come join in and bring your stories about partnership disasters and triumphs!

These workshops are meant to be stand-alone sessions, though you’re encouraged to watch the previous workshops:

  1. Creating Shared Goals with Emergent Strategy
  2. Building Relationships and Moving as a Group
  3. Working with Power & Difference
  4. Decisionmaking methods and points of unity

Event Materials

:film_projector: Recording
:open_book: Slide Deck

Brigade Challenge

  1. If you already have something like points of unity in your group, work on partnership minimums or selection criteria.
  2. Do a one-on-one with a current or potential community partner!

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