Workshop: Creating Shared Goals with Emergent Strategy

Join us for the first of our Direct Democracy workshop series

Starting in February, the Brigade Network will be convening a series of six public, monthly workshops on community organizing and how to create distributed leadership, deliberation, and clear decisionmaking processes.

This workshop is free and open to the public. Its lessons will be specific to Brigade organizing, but applicable to people who are engaged in many organizing contexts.

This workshop will give you space to practice goal setting for your group. We’ll introduce principles of Emergent Strategy that you can apply in creating shared goals and a shared vision amongst team members. Participants should come prepared to work with other participants in setting goals for their Brigade or community group. We encourage participation from Network members who are not part of a Brigade, as well as those who have a Brigade affiliation.

Event materials

:speaking_head: Post-event survey
:film_projector: Recording of the workshop
:open_book: Workshop slide deck
:closed_book: Emergent strategy book
:computer: “Making Decisions Together” Brigade congress session + Slide deck

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