README: General Network Program & Brigade MOU Changes

We are introducing a list of programmatic changes, some of which are changes to implement our new vision for the Network, while others seek to strengthen and clarify our processes within the Network and the Brigade Program. Learn more about the Network ReVisioning effort here.

How to Participate

Select from the list of topics below to learn more about each topic area. Each topic will have its own set of instructions and question prompts:

If you have any questions about any of the topics above or this participatory area in general, reach out to @Mari at or respond to this thread below.

Q: In the 2023 Brigade MOU, it mentioned that we would be using GitHub to provide feedback to the MOU draft. What changed?

Since we are still in the early stages of creating the next MOU (as in, we aren’t at a point where we have drafted the actual language in the MOU for most of these topics), it made more sense to us to use a platform that is centered around discussions and is much easier to use without much training.

Sometime around the beginning of next year when we share actual MOU draft language, it might make sense for us to use GitHub then so folks can propose line-by-line edits (though if anyone has any concerns about this or has ideas on how to make the next step of the MOU review process accessible, let us know!)