Branches & CoPractices

Go here to navigate to the Branches & CoPractices participatory action area to participate in Branch working group nominations and give feedback on the Branches, Branch Charters, and CoPractices.

The Network Organizing Branches are a proposal for a volunteer-powered governance structure for the Network at-large. The structure (i.e. branch names and purpose) and activities of the branches will evolve as the needs of the Network evolve. Simply put, the Branches are designed to provide resources, opportunities, and other content that will support the development and success of Brigades and Brigade members.

In general, each branch consists of:

  • Working Groups: that will be accountable to carry out the activities specified in each Branch Charter, including branch governance, resource delivery, etc.

  • Communities of Practice (CoPractices): that will form in response to volunteer interest and wrap branch activities in wider volunteer communities

  • Public events: Public events will share meaningful output of branch activities and relevant programming with all Network members and partners

  • An open-source resource repository that will be accessible to any Network member. Resources could include:

    • Shared curricula/workshops content
    • Learning opportunities
    • Curated list of Best Practices
    • Cross-brigade discovery elements
    • Revisioning 101 resource
    • Shared templates, etc.

Have recommendations or proposed changes for Branches, Branch Charters, or CoPractices? Email Sung Kim (Associate Director of Communities of Practice) at as soon as possible and/or reply in thread below.