Partnership Support

We will be including specific ways (listed below) the Network team will support Brigades around partnerships in the MOU:

  • Help develop a partnership strategy for Brigades that focuses on maximizing impact for local communities.

  • Develop tools for Brigade volunteers to engage in partnership/relationship building including:

    • Create projects, trainings, resources, and actions for Brigade leaders and members with an emphasis on partner relationship building
    • Assist Brigades in developing communication materials geared toward partners and partner impact profiles (how partners have impact and how Brigades can catalyze)
    • Assist Brigades in managing inbound partner requests
  • Provide additional support as needed through each phase of partnership.

Network Team Partnerships Steward: Mellina Stoney, Sr. Partnerships Manager
@Mellina will be driving the development of partnership support in the Network. If you have any questions for Mellina, email her at

Prompts for Discussion

:thought_balloon: Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • What are your initial thoughts on the types of support listed above?
  • Which support and resources are you most looking forward to / in most need of?

Here’s what folks shared in the Participatory Governance area at Brigade Congress:

  • Maybe co-create them w/ brigades? :heart: yay for toolkits!
  • How do we engage w/ city governments? Gov tech startups / local coding schools / bootcamps present learning opportunities.
  • A focus on relationship building over “impact” with the understanding that partners can default to expecting a full created project that can immediately create impact
  • Define “partner”. Funder? Nonprofit in need? Institution that can help?
  • Solicit practices of local relationship building that have worked at bigger brigades and introduce and cross-pollinate them around network (e.g. Boston / various City Hall connections)