Network Events Added to Brigade Meetup Opt-in

Promoting Code for America’s key Network events, such as Code for America Summit, National Day of Civic Hacking, and Brigade Congress has been one of the commitments in past MOUs so that Brigades are continuously developing their relationship with Code for America.

We want to make it easier for Brigades to share these key events by introducing a process to opt-in at least one month in advance of each event to allow the Network team to add Network events to a Brigade’s Meetup page using the Network Event Scheduler functionality.

:bulb:Note that this will only be possible if the Brigade’s Meetup group is part of the Code for America Brigade Meetup.

For Brigades that use other platforms, their Brigade Meetup group isn’t under Code for America Brigade Meetup, or the Brigade itself wants to share Network events with a more customized description, we will still be sharing out guidance on how to share Network events, including a general template which Brigade leader(s) are free to modify.

Prompts for Discussion

:thought_balloon: Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • What are your general thoughts about the opt-in option? What would make it easier for Brigades to promote Network events?

  • When and how often (e.g. each event, beginning of the year) would you like to opt-in to allow the Network team to add events to your Brigade’s Meetup?

  • How early in advance would you like to receive Network event guidance?

Here’s what folks shared in the Participatory Governance area at Brigade Congress:

  • Post Sept Hackathon and finishing the Impact Sprint, our Brigade really did not have the bandwidth to recruit members to virtually attend Brigade Congress or Civic Hacking on Broadband during it.
  • 10 year old brigade & our volunteers have never been excited abt. connecting @ the national level. Maybe think about how to “sell” this to brigades 1st.
  • Our Meetup is very effective in recruiting new people. Not sure existing members use it
  • Yes; Beginning of year; Opt-out for each event if desired