Vision 2022: Year-end Check-in for Brigades

Vision 2022: Year-end Check-in for Brigades

It’s that time again: as the year is winding to a close, the Network Team is making preparations for 2022. This year’s process will look a little different than in previous years.

Beginning the week of November 1, we will be starting our year-end process. For Brigade leaders, here’s what to expect:

  • A 1-1 Check-in & Survey: We’d like to hear how things are going. What projects are you proud of? How can we best support you in 2022? This is a direct invitation which you can expect to receive in early November from a member of our peer to peer team. If you started a Brigade Showcase, this check-in will build and expand on that work.
    • Don’t want to chat, or feel like you’ve already shared what you need to with our team? We’ll send you an online, asynchronous way to connect, share your highlights from 2021, and plan for 2022.
  • An official MOU: The MOU is a legal document establishing the relationship between Code for America and your Brigade. MOUs are necessary for regulatory compliance and fundraising opportunities, but they also serve as a testament that obligates the organization to act on your Brigade’s needs. And, we’re also aware of who shoulders the burden of administrative red tape like this. The Network team can tailor MOU planning around your availability and interests, whether it’s a 1:1 talk or via email. We’ll be getting in touch starting next week, but if you want to sign up for a consultation now, you can do that here.
  • Code of Conduct support. The practices we develop to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusivity in our community depend on a strong understanding of how we hold one another accountable for the impact our actions have on each other. #EmpathyCircles, hosted by our friends at Tribeless, introduces the first of our community tools-and-techniques for navigating vulnerable moments ethically and effectively. Sign up for an #EmpathyCircle session or ask about other opportunities to practice empathy as a skill during a 1:1 with the peer to peer team.

Our hope this year is to meet you where you’re at and to learn how we can best support you in the coming year. Signing the MOU and completing either a 1-1 check-in or a survey are the steps which we’re all obligated to complete and comply with – and the Network team will work to ensure each Brigade leader has the level of comfort and understanding they need to complete this process.

:dizzy: Em, Ben and the Network Team


Hi @elb - does CfA have a copy of the 2022 boilerplate that brigades can start to look over? Thanks!

Aloha @jess! We donʻt have a new draft yet, but the intention is to change the MOU as little as possible from the current agreement for this renewal period. I would suggest that as a place to start (particularly if there are things in that agreement that are not currently working for your brigade that would need to change)

Eventually I expect we will need to make substantive changes to the MOU to create more effective alignment with ReVisioning, but I think we need to have more time to work with brigades on your individual goals to do that effectively. The priority right now is to create operational continuity for brigades (accepting donations, having expenses reimbursed, etc) which are currently set to expire for all brigades on December 31st per the current/active MOUs.

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