The Current State & Future of Brigade Reporting (🟢 Q1-Q3 Reporting Open)

This past year, the Network Team has been experimenting with new Brigade reporting processes to replace the big End of Year reporting process from previous years now that Brigade MOU signing has shifted to mid-year.

Recap of Major Changes :previous_track_button:

  • Reporting is separated into two categories: Brigade general activity reporting vs Project reporting
  • Brigade general activity reporting is centered around the Brigade’s overall engagement. This should be completed by Brigade leader(s).
  • Project reporting is centered around a specific project’s engagement and outcomes. This can be completed by project leads, project members, and/or Brigade leader(s). Project reporting is on a per-project basis (one project per form submission).

Brigade Showcase & Reporting for the Rest of 2022

After piloting reporting on a quarterly cadence, we’ve learned that it is best to set-up a reporting process that is flexible for Brigades. For the rest of this year, Brigade Reporting will be open and available to complete with the option to backfill previous quarters at any time.

As of now, you can report information about January to September (Q1 - Q3) by filling out this general activity reporting form and sharing info about your projects through the project reporting form (Note: The project reporting form only captures info for one project. To submit info for another project, you’ll have to submit another response using the same form).

These forms serve multiple purposes:

  • It will help us create an accurate informational deck about your Brigade in 2022. The Brigade Showcase will be shared out not only during Brigade Congress, but also as a resource for new and existing Brigades to learn more about one another.
  • The responses will also roll into your Brigade’s reporting requirements for January to September (Q1 to Q3), as mentioned in the Brigade MOU. Reporting is required for all active Brigades in the Network.
  • The Network Team will use your responses to re-evaluate and prioritize resource and support needs across all Brigades.

If you have any questions about the 2022 Brigade Showcase work, please contact Cherry (@clacsina , Brigade Showcase Manager) at

If you have any questions, want to double-check what has been reported so far on your Brigade, or need assistance related to Brigade reporting, please contact Mari (@Mari , Brigade Community Research Specialist) at

The option to report on October to December (Q4) will open on October 31st. All Brigades will be notified and guidance will be sent out by then.

Coming Soon at Brigade Congress: Influence the Future of Brigade Reporting

Update - 10/19: Participate in the governance of the Network here!

Brigade Reporting will be one of the many items you’ll be able to discuss, contribute feedback to, and suggestions on as part of this year’s push to have Brigade Congress as a participatory decision-making space.

Stay tuned for announcements in early October as we begin to open items up for discussion leading up to Brigade Congress. Participation will be available in-person during Brigade Congress and online on Discourse during Brigade Congress through the rest of October. You can learn more about and register for Brigade Congress here.

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