Brigade Network Updates: Welcome 2022!

:sunny: 2022 Updates :sunny:

Happy New Year! We hope this post finds you healthy and well (something we don’t take for granted in the middle of an ongoing global pandemic).

Over the next few weeks, the Brigade Network Team will be sending out information that we hope will be helpful in navigating 2022 as a Brigade. In addition to everything going on in the world, this year will be unique as the Brigade Program works on supporting the implementation of the ReVisioning Recommendation which proposes a Code for America Network with four complementary programs: Brigades, Community Fellowship, National Action Teams, and Communities of Practice.

What we hope this will mean for you is more resources to serve your communities, more opportunities for your Brigadeʻs volunteers to pitch in, and more clarity for how your Brigade can have an impact.

It is still just the morning of 2022 (and we are all collectively wiping away the fogginess of troubled sleep to end 2021 – if we got any sleep at all). But what we can see from the dawn’s early light cast on the year ahead is enough to get us excited. We are excited about the purpose – Technology for the people, in service of a more just and equitable world – that emerged from ReVisioning and that we are walking toward, and we are excited to be walking toward it with all of you, who have raised your hands to bring your communities into this movement.

Network Updates :mega:

Meet The Team

If you haven’t seen our last post yet, we’d like to introduce 3 new team members on the Network Team: Mari, Jess (:wave:t3:), and Michael! Check out this post to meet the team and learn more about our roles.

2022 Timeline

We are expecting some big moments for the Network in 2022 and we hope you can join us for them! Visit the Brigade website for the full calendar.

Revised 1/12/2022

Coming Up Next :spiral_calendar:

Jan - Feb: Brigade Strategy Consultations :star2:

In the following weeks, Brigades will have the opportunity to sign up for a Brigade Strategy Consultation. These consultations – aimed at aligning your brigade around its collective goals and forthcoming resources from the Brigade Program — can be done with your leadership team or with your whole brigade as a part of an upcoming brigade meetup. Our goal is to schedule a consultation with every Brigade. Look out for an announcement next week with more details!

Jan 18: Reimagine911 Movement Launch

If you participated in last year’s National Day of Civic Hacking, you are probably familiar with Code for America’s partnership with Transform911. That initiative, Code for America’s Reimagine 911, has turned into the first National Action Team! The volunteer initiatives of R911 will be launching on Tuesday, January 18 with an information session for Brigade Organizers who are interested in learning more about how Brigade volunteers can contribute.

Click here to RSVP or connect with Billy Lim for questions related to the event or R911.

Jan 15: Hacky New Year

Our partners at DemocracyLab have been empowering people who use tech to advance the public good through public hackathons including last Octoberʻs “A Better Tech-a-thon” right before Brigade Congress. Do you have volunteers who are eager to connect with a project they can contribute to right now? Send them to DemocracyLab’s first event of the year, Hacky New Year this Saturday the 15th! Click here for more details.

Want to share this event with other volunteers? Let us know at and we’ll create an event on your Meetup page!

Additional Resources :bulb:

  • Brigade Support Hub: Find resources for Brigade leaders on the updated Notion page!
  • Brigade Request & Support Form: Get assistance with Brigade-specific requests (leadership updates, software, finance, etc.)
  • CfA Slack: Connect with fellow Brigade leaders and volunteers on the #brigade & #brigade-leadership channels.
  • Brigade Resources: Get access to toolkits, workshop recordings, softwares, and more for your Brigade.