Q2 Brigade Activity Reporting (April to June 2022)

Q2 Brigade Activity Reporting Is Now Live! :green_circle:

Q2 Brigade Activity Reporting (April to June 2022) has officially launched today. Thank you to all of you who have completed Q1 reporting and gave feedback! We’ve updated the questions based on your feedback, which you can view on the info sheet.

Haven’t completed Q1 reporting? Since this year is the first time we are rolling out quarterly reporting, we’ll be keeping all 2022 quarterly reporting forms open until sometime near the end of the year in December. We encourage your Brigade to complete them as soon as the quarter ends. Note: Brigades that were founded in Q2 do not need to submit a Q1 report.

What is Quarterly Brigade Activity Reporting?

The Quarterly Brigade Activity Reporting serve as pulse-checks, which will help the Brigade Program Team monitor Brigade health and community impact. We hope they will create opportunities for brigade volunteers to reflect on their needs and progress toward their goals. These reports, noted in each Brigade’s MOU, are required for all active Brigades in the Code for America Network and to be submitted by one of the Brigade’s leaders/organizing team members.

How-To: Complete Q2 Brigade Activity Reporting

If you would like to help your leadership team to fill out the report, definitely feel free to do so, but only one report should be submitted for the entire Brigade per quarter. If you have any questions or need support, email me at mmiranda@codeforamerica.org.

On the Horizon :sunrise_over_mountains:: Q3 Reporting Implementation

This year, Quarterly Activity Reporting is rolling out in different phases. Ultimately, Quarterly Activity Reporting will consist of two reporting types: Brigade Organizer Reporting and Project Reporting (P.S. these names not set in stone! Feel free to send over suggestions!)

Brigade Organizer Reporting is intended to be the 10 questions in the current Q1 and Q2 reporting forms. We’ll be soft launching Project Reporting before the official launch in September and we are looking for Brigades who are interested in participating in the soft launch to test out the process and provide feedback. You can indicate your interest when your Brigade fills out the Q2 Brigade Activity Report or just by messaging me directly!