Priority Action Area: Rapid Response

Brigade members have been at the front lines for rapid response initiatives such as Hurricane Harvey , Maria, and more. In the year of the largest pandemic of decades, Brigades are again pooling their knowledge, resources, and know-how to help people in moments of crisis.

Let us know if you’re working on a rapid response project! Here are some links to projects and calls to action in the Rapid Response space. Many of these projects are COVID-19 related:

Additionally, on April 13th, over 70 Brigade members joined a workshop highlighting projects in the Network that are part of the COVID-19 response. Watch the video and check out the projects highlighted during the workshop!

Hi @veronicayoung. Can you share more information about this? Thanks.

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Sure @wjbaptis! What information in particular are you looking for?

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What does this project entail? I’m a software engineer and would like to see if I can help somehow.

Awesome! I would recommend joining Code for America’s Slack, if you haven’t already. And then joining the #covid19response channel to be a part of the discussion of what projects folks are working on and how you can get involved. Additionally, here is a calendar of virtual Brigade meetings you can join in order to work on projects that are currently in development, many of which are focused on COVID 19 response.

Thanks Veronica. Will look into it.