Priority Action Area: Rapid Response Project Canvases

When deciding to focus on four Priority Action Areas at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, one of the goals the National Advisory Council and Network Team identified was to provide resources to Brigades across the country around projects in each of the four Priority Action Areas. With the help of Code for Boston, Code for Chapel Hill, Code for Dayton, Code for South Florida and Code for Baltimore, we are able to provide project canvases so that successful projects in the Rapid Response Priority Action area can be redeployed or used as models for similar projects.

These Brigades were able to create project canvases around projects that were particularly helpful to their respective communities in response to COVID19, and are replicable in your communities.

Brigade Project Canvas: Migrant Service Map
Code For Boston

The Migrant Service Map is an application which allows service providers to more effectively network with one another by locating organizations in Boston such as community centers, education & legal resources, and healthcare resources to immigrant and refugee communities in order to provide the best recommendations to their clients.

The Migrant Service Map is an interactive mapping tool designed to streamline common workflows for service providers who assist immigrant and refugee communities. It helps providers locate organizations in Boston, such as community centers, educational and legal resources, as well as healthcare assistance – and share these with their clients.

Brigade Project Canvas: Covid19 Response
Code for Chapel Hill

Covid19 Response is a mobile-friendly website with an interactive map and list of local resources to help our communities and neighbors navigate the COVID crisis. It is a collaborative effort connected to local officials and support organizations.

Brigade Project Canvas: Essential Artists Dayton
Code for Dayton

The idea behind Essential Artists Dayton is to offer a free platform for Dayton visual artists to set up an online storefront. And by FREE, we mean 100% of sales, less any processing charges, goes to the artists.

Brigade Project Canvas: Florida Eviction Protection
Code for South Florida

To help Florida residents know their rights, Project Lead Greg Bloom and Movement Lawyer Alana Greer of the Community Justice Project, with the help of Code for South Florida volunteers created the Florida Eviction Protection project. The tool allows users to input any county in Florida and view the status of eviction policies in the selected county. It also highlights the different steps in the eviction process in a dynamic flow chart that technical volunteers from Code For South Florida are updating as the evictions situation develops.

Brigade Project Canvas: Healthcare-Rollcall
Code for Baltimore

Healthcare Rollcall provides methods for healthcare providers to check-in during disasters, and update their information during non-emergency periods. During an emergency, this system will track providers responses to a questionnaire. The questionnaire collects and consolidates all emergency information in one database, allowing outreach coordinators to easily track provider status.

This questionnaire can be specific to a single disaster, or can be more general. Examples:

  1. Widespread power blackout
  2. Epidemic or Pandemic response (COVID-19)
  3. Natural disaster