Code for DC: COVID-19

This thread serves to provide updates on Code for DC’s collaborative response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the DMV.

Code for DC is partnering with DC Mutual Aid. Mollie Bates is leading the effort.

[3/21] - Update on work so far:

• Our top priority is to help DC Mutual Aid recruit DC Neighborhood Pod Leads. Start a pod on your block, or text a friend to start one on theirs! Becca is our liason with DC Mutual Aid. Start helping your neighbors, now!

• To help recruit Pod leads, we are working on a spreadsheet of DC Civic Association data. Know a friend involved with the civic association? Ask them to fill out the spreadsheet.

• Becca will work with DC Mutual Aid to email ANC members and Civic Association leaders about the pod effort once we have a good list. The ANC contact list is done.

• Long term, our goal is to map the connections between ANC Single Member Districts, Civic Associations, and Neighborhood Mutual Aid pods, while maintaining privacy of the Pod leads. See the Project Pitch for more info, and please leave feedback. We do not need to built this urgently. What is urgent is taking care of yourself, staying home, connecting neighbors via Mutual Aid pods, donating money to aid groups, volunteering at food banks, supporting local small businesses etc.

[3/22] - Notes from the kickoff meeting:

Next steps are to work together over slack to explore these questions:

  • What is the current DC Mutual Aid journey map of a neighbor need from request to volunteer fulfillment? Are there any problems to troubleshoot within that workflow? (Phone Hotline, WhatsApp, Google Spreadsheets/Forms)

  • How much of the city is covered by folks who’ve signed up to be Neighborhood pod leads? (Does DC Mutual Aid need help with managing this data?) Is there a need for a “directory”?

  • What is the best way for Code for DC and local tech talent to help with the current COVID-19 emergency in the DMV?