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Code for DC is partnering with DC Mutual Aid. Mollie Bates is leading the effort.

Update on work so far:

• Our top priority is to help DC Mutual Aid recruit DC Neighborhood Pod Leads. Start a pod on your block, or text a friend to start one on theirs! Becca is our liason with DC Mutual Aid. Start helping your neighbors, now!
• To help recruit Pod leads, we are working on a spreadsheet of DC Civic Association data. Know a friend involved with the civic association? Ask them to fill out the spreadsheet.
• Becca will work with DC Mutual Aid to email ANC members and Civic Association leaders about the pod effort once we have a good list. The ANC contact list is done.
• Long term, our goal is to map the connections between ANC Single Member Districts, Civic Associations, and Neighborhood Mutual Aid pods, while maintaining privacy of the Pod leads. See the Project Pitch for more info, and please leave feedback. We do not need to built this urgently. What is urgent is taking care of yourself, staying home, connecting neighbors via Mutual Aid pods, donating money to aid groups, volunteering at food banks, supporting local small businesses etc.


Code for Pittsburgh is encouraging crowdsourcing help for Allegheny County’s Free Food Distribution Map.

See Meetup for more details:


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Code for Baltimore is putting together an application that can ingest data in various forms (though you have to write a script per source), and then deliver a sort of Contact and Response Management API.

We actually started it a few months ago but really stepped it up recently. We call it Bmore Responsive, and we built it to be reused by other municipalities that may have the same issues. The code for it is here: but it is also on Dockerhub and can be put into a docker-compose.yaml setup really easily

We are putting together a separate front-end to interact with the users that we are calling Healthcare Rollcall

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