Brigade Congress Session Proposals are Open

Hi everyone! I’m excited to open up session submissions for Brigade Congress 2022. You can submit your ideas here. Session Proposals will close on August 10th, so don’t delay.

Additionally, we’re looking for suggestions for training, keynote speakers, panels, and more content at Brigade Congress this year, and we need your help! Are there tools and topics that would be relevant for your Brigade to learn? Technical skills? Project management? Design? Organizing? Are there folks you know (or know of!) that can deliver an inspiring call to action for the Brigade Network? What topics would you be interested in hearing a discussion of multiple different viewpoints?

What other types of content do you want to see? For now, we’re looking for content that will be coordinated by the Network Team and the BC Content Committee–stay tuned for more info on Unconference and other Community-submitted content! #crosspost

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Hey @jillzey I don’t see a link available. Would you prefer ideas submitted in this post or through this form?

@Mellina you’d love this discussion!

Hi @kryskreative Weird that you don’t see a link in the post. I think either. If you’d like to discuss a proposal here is a great place. Otherwise the form is cool too.

Noted. I figured whatever is easier for you, @jillzey. Btw, Mari updated the post after I raised the issue. So no worries, it’s all good. :+1:

In the technical skills category, I would love to see some hands on sessions where folks walk through GitHub skills interactive learning activities together:

I am deeply impressed with these interactive learning activities! Broadening our less-technical Network volunteers’ understanding of GitHub could be transformative. We also have tons of technical folks with deep knowledge of GitHub who could probably host these sessions without much prep.


I love this idea. Github is often intimidating for non-devs. Myself included.

Oh, I thought the session submission closed on August 10. I missed the date change by 2 days. I wish I knew that the date was extended to August 27. :grimacing:

I know one of my Brigade members would have appreciated the heads up. Hmm, perhaps the unconference opportunity might interest her.