Mapping Communities and Bureaucracies [Brigade Congress 2022]

This is the place to find notes, slides, and discussions about this session at Brigade Congress 2022.

Mapping Communities and Bureaucracies

Presented by: Zachary Antoyan
Date/Time: Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 10:00am-11:15am CT

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  • Both In-person and Virtually: Inside TechArtista in the Main Hall area

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In this session, we’ll cover methods for learning about, documenting(mapping), and engaging the community your Brigade is in, and the bureaucratic systems that you want your Brigade to interface with. This includes engaging elected officials at all levels of government, which will be a particular focus of our conversation. As a former District Representative for a state-level elected official, my hope is eliminate the ambiguity and address questions surrounding community and elected outreach and engagement.

Hi all, will this recording be posted? Thanks!

Yes. Still working on it. Plan to have it done this week though.

I see a link that says “recording”, but that takes me to YouTube where it says “Video removed”. This is still pending to post then?