Open Thread: Your ideas for Brigade Congress 2022

Open Thread: Brigade Congress 2022 Ideas, Hopes & Dreams

As we begin the process of planning Brigade Congress 2022, starting this thread to share ideas for sessions & keynote speakers.

How this worked in previous years
In past years, we create a formal open call for Brigade Congress sessions. This ran through a form, which the content committee then reviewed. Often, sessions are either: 1) Accepted; 2) Combined with a similar session; 3) Proposed as an unconference session. Decisions are made by the content committee.

This year’s process
We’re still recruiting the planning and content committee for this year’s Brigade Congress. Want to be involved? We’d love to have you! Fill out this form to signal your interest.

Share your ideas for Brigade Congress 2022

Here’s how:

  1. Share your thoughts on this post! Keynote speaker ideas, trainings, hopes & dreams, amazing content you hope to see - please comment with your thoughts. While this isn’t a formal session submission idea, it will be something the content committee can reference when planning. For instance, if you suggest a keynote speaker, the committee can add that suggestion to a list of potential keynote speakers.
  2. Fill out the submission form. This will be open very soon, so if you’ve got a specific session idea you’d like to pitch or a project you’re eager to share, please share it via the form.

That’s it for now! More to come.

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Posting from @cmoreno on Slack (& so it doesn’t get lost!)

It’d be awesome to connect w/ these folks and have them showcase the program at the library and its impact.

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