Seeking content & training suggestions for 2020 Brigade Congress

Hi everyone! We’re looking for suggestions for trainings, keynote speakers, panels, and more content at Brigade Congress this year, and we need your help! This is a cross-post from #brigade-congress on the CfA Slack.

:mortar_board: For training, what tools and topics would be relevant for your Brigade to learn? Technical skills? Project management? Design? Oranizing?

:loudspeaker: For Keynote speeches, are there folks you know (or know of!) that can deliver an inspiring call to action for the Brigade Network?

:family_man_man_girl_boy: For panels, what’s a topic about which you’d be interested in hearing a discussion of multiple different viewpoints?

:interrobang: What other types of content do you want to see? For now, we’re looking for content that would be coordinated by the Network Team and the BC Content Committee–stay tuned for more info on Unconference and other Community-submitted content!

Some ideas already shared in #brigade-congress:

From @ArthurSmid:

Michael Hanna—I’ve heard him give a presentation about municipal broadband, and he works with county government, he’s good, and the effort to organize and advocate for municipal broadband applies to regions throughout the US.Business Intelligence Architect / Data Engineer — Multnomah County

For technical talks, Scott Hanselman is super clear:

Broadband and access to information and the internet, this is a way for urbanites to connect on a cultural issue with rural areas, people across the United States still lack reliable internet:"80 percent of the 24 million American households that do not have reliable, affordable high-speed internet are in rural areas.

For a panel topic with multiple points of view, maybe exploring various ways to deeply examine and improve upon a Theory of Change, what can organizations actually do that’s effective in the short term and with a long-term vision for all life on earth?

From @nFlourish:

I suggest maybe @bloom talk about Open Referral, the historical issues they are taking on, and how the work so far can be approached.

I also think we need ArcGIS Online introductions for the brigades there. I’ve been doing it online, but I think having maybe @hamhands or (well, I’m not sure I should but theoretically) myself show people how to use ArcGIS to rapidly create a dashboard or mapping web app or survey could be really useful… it would be a follow-on to last-years congress presentation on Hub.

Maybe @eturkel or @Eric L. Truitte can speak to if they think a session like I did for them, but longer with more detail, could be useful - re ArcGIS.

From @janmic:

When brainstorming about both content and presenters, may I suggest that we focus primarily what we can learn FROM EACH OTHER within the Brigade network, and intentionally call first on the expertise and experience that’s accumulated over the decade since CfA was founded? Brigade Congress was created in response to a clamor within Brigades to spend time together, in order to improve our ability to communicate and collaborate with each other, as well as better coordinate Brigade efforts with CfA programs/products.

Now that necessity is making this convening all virtual, and recording of all sessions will be easy to do, we can reasonably think of Congress content as shared modules that will live on long after the event. A “plus” to the pandemic-driven alterations is that we’ve greatly improved our online, cross-brigade working skills, so Brigade volunteers with common issue/topic passions can collaborate to produce sessions - eg. @hamhands & @NFlourish (he, C4BTV in VT) an ArcGIS session that could be part of a conference track on “Mapping,” since, since mapping has emerged as a very common type of project Brigades undertake.

From @Lscott1967:

Ideas/tips for collaborations with colleges and universities, suggestions for partnering with boot camps to ensure a good experience for both participant and brigade.

From @jess:

Shared tooling!