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Regular updates & discussion on the Network ReVisioning process

Spokes Council Meetings

We’re exploring different times/formats for the Spokes Council meetings. Participate in the poll if you’re interested in joining these meetings in discussing ReVisioning updates.

:speech_balloon: Key Discussion Opportunity

Staff is in the process of creating a first iteration of the Branches program, led by @jillzey. These supportive structures (see more below) will include participation & decisionmaking opportunities, similar and related to the Spokes Council group. In the interest of aligning similar spaces (& not burning people out with too many meetings or commitments) I’m wondering if there may be an opportunity to change the scope of the Spokes Council meetings or combine it with these emerging Branches. I’d love @jillzey to chime in more & hear your thoughts on this as well. For people who are frequently at these meetings, what kind of info can we provide to help you add thoughts here? @JMMaok @timCFG @Yeti-A @thadk @MCNorris @renejoywrites @Micah @mrao @janmic.

ReVisioning Implementation Updates:

Participatory Democracy

We recognize the importance of self-governing capabilities for the Network to support itself and to provide clear pathways for members of our Network to help shape its future. - ReVisioning Recommendation

  • Our Direct Democracy Workshop series is live, with two workshops completed so far. This series teaches the practical skills necessary to enable shared group decisionmaking.

For decisions that our Network benefits from making together (e.g. adopting governance procedures, selecting locations for important events, weighing in on national actions) we recommend that our yearly Brigade Congress serve as an assembly where key decisions can be made (for both in-person and virtual participants). We will also consult organizations that do this well and pilot new approaches to grassroots governance. -ReVisioning Recommendation

  • Brigade Congress planning is about to begin, including designing our first-ever participatory Congress, with key opportunities to participate in Network decisions. Expect updates & opportunities soon if you’re interested in either content or helping design the participation & tech behind the conference.

Brigade Support Structures

As a network, we need more resources, guidance, and frameworks on identifying and responding to community needs – locally and nationally. This will also require additional human resources, financial resources, and new mechanisms for distribution of those resources that reflect our priorities and values. We aim to pilot new democratic decision-making practices within the Network, and create new fundraising streams through models of Network membership and partnership. - ReVisioning Recommendation

Central to our objective of supporting Brigades as they adapt to a partnership-first model is the development of the Brigade Organizer Branches. These are supportive structures intended to resource & support Brigade leaders. You can expect to hear more about the Branch program in the coming month.

National Action Teams

We are formalizing structures we’ve explored in the last year, by creating clear pathways for local and national organizing. All brigade partnerships and decision making will continue to be managed locally. National Action teams (which will also house priority action areas), will be managed centrally. - Revisioning Recommendation

We’re continuing to build out our separate and complementary organizing structure of the National Action Teams.

Communities of Practice

Communities of practice are a mechanism to organize and support talent and relationships at scale. It is also a primary mechanism for making the principles and practices of Code for America widely accessible. We will formalize and resource these communities, and develop new ones as the need and practice demands. - Network ReVisioning

The development of the curriculum, format, and structure of the Community of Practice will begin in earnest starting in April, with @mmazanec22 leading this effort on the staff side.

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