September ReVisioning Updates: Sharing the Recommendation

Revisioning Updates :star2:

Just getting here? This background may be helpful: Announcing the Network Revisioning Project

Where we are

We’re at the tail end of the closing phase of this process. This means that we’ve shared recommended changes with leadership and are awaiting final adoption. Next up: implementation!

But first…

Read the ReVisioning Recommendation!

The Recommendation draft focuses on identifying the kind of support structures Brigades need from the organization to sustain community-based partnerships. It also tightens the lens on other volunteer experiences possible throughout the varied Network pathways connecting people to action for change.

And, more broadly, tries to capture all these multifaceted shifts in how we practice our principles through a vision of diversity, equity and inclusion that creates parity and partnership within our own Code for America community.

Your feedback is vital! We’ve created a form with queries on context and implementation, and we’ll offer ongoing opportunities to engage with the ReVisioning Team to refine, enrich and finalize the Recommendation before starting our implementation phase, with key inputs at Brigade Congress.

We on the ReVisioning team are so excited to dig into this draft with the Network readership. Active, iterative progress is made possible by every participant whether they’re a regular in a working group or a one-time guest at a forum.

We’ll keep that same energy over the next month with peer-to-peer interviews! Follow this link to:

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  • Sign up for P2P Fridays
  • Register interest in a September P2P Forum

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