Poll: Time of Day for ReVisioning Implementation Spokes Council Meetings

Hello! We’d like to hear from lots of folks throughout the Network on this poll.

During ReVisioning we held regular Spokes Council meetings on Thursdays at 3PM Eastern. This choice was somewhat limited by the work being done and by the Brigade Programs Staff resources. We now have more flexibility and want to see if we can make these meetings more inclusive–especially for people who have difficulty taking time for meetings during the workday.

You might be interested in attending these meetings if:

  • You’d like to get involved in developing new systems and processes for our Network, including tools, working norms, and collaborative practices;
  • You’d like to learn more, on a regular basis, about what changes are in progress and upcoming for the Network.

The focus of these meetings is on providing regular updates from different working groups, and on providing key input to staff implementation decisions.

The frequency of these meetings has varied over time. For the purpose of this poll, assume they would be monthly meetings.

Please mark all options where you think you would be likely to attend 50% or more of the meetings.

  • Thursday Noon Pacific/ 1PM Mountain / 2PM Central / 3PM Eastern
  • Thursday 1PM Pacific/ 2PM Mountain / 3PM Central / 4PM Eastern
  • Thursday 2PM Pacific/ 3PM Mountain / 4PM Central / 5PM Eastern
  • Thursday 3PM Pacific/ 4PM Mountain / 5PM Central / 6PM Eastern
  • Thursday 4PM Pacific/ 5PM Mountain / 6PM Central / 7PM Eastern
  • Thursday 5PM Pacific/ 6PM Mountain / 7PM Central / 8PM Eastern
  • I would not attend at any of these times, but am very interested in Spokes Council.
  • I would not attend at any of these times and am only a little interested in Spokes Council.

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