Network ReVisioning: August Update

Network ReVisioning: August Update

Did you hear that sound Wednesday afternoon? It was the sonic boom of the ReVisioning Recommendation’s first draft hitting the inboxes of Code for America’s CxO! While they review for high-level alignment and first queries from the organization’s perspective, we’re continuing our peer-to-peer discussion series with the ReVisioning draft now in hand to guide the rest of the process.

2021-08-10T23:00:00Z2021-08-11T00:30:00Z, we’ll host a forum to familiarize ourselves with the recommendation together and open up group discussion. We’ll use breakout sessions to dig into the details and explore different aspects of the recommendation and future implementation.

RSVP for the forum and watch the recording at this page.

Forum #6: Phase 2 for Peer-to-Peer Engagement

2021-08-10T23:00:00Z2021-08-11T00:30:00Z, we’ll gather to:

  • Share proposed recommendations.
  • Provide insights for engagement around proposed changes.
  • Solicit sentiments, feedback, and thoughts on the recommendation.
  • Build a bridge to the active participation of Network members over the coming months.

You watch the previous forums here.

Closing Phase: What Now & What Next?

The first draft is finalized and CxO is reviewing the recommendation in order to respond with their queries for clarification or changes. The Network ReVisioning Spokes Council, which meets every week, will then develop responses and answer questions about changes to the recommendation, and together (the Spokes Council and CxO) we’ll create final alignment for fall implementation.

The ReVisioning process showed that there are fundamental certainties we can take action based on what we heard loud and clear from the Network:


Responses to the ReVisioning process illustrated Brigades need sustainable forms of support tailored to fit their needs – best determined by what the community seeks from their service. Other responses illuminated an existing network of non-Brigade peers struggling to understand how they fit in.

We know our volunteers and the communities they come from and wish to serve seek multi-faceted forms of engagement, and that the Brigade model can’t – and shouldn’t – be expected to sustain active, ongoing membership without more support.

What moments in your engagement with the Network and Code for America do you celebrate as the biggest wins – which have been the most challenging?


ReVisioning includes revisiting the historical context of Code for America and making sure not to repeat presumptions of the past. Partnering with community leadership to guide the work we do makes sure we stay aligned with our principles in practice.

We know we have underutilized resources and expertise already within our ranks or waiting on the outskirts and that better guidance can fuel the full potential of the talent attracted to our mission. We also know underserved and marginalized communities need access to this talent pool as both leaders and learners.

Who do we need to build tools and create space with the most at this moment?


The authentic, earnest responses in peer-to-peer discussions, forums, committees, and Slack channels throughout the ReVisioning forum proves how passionately this Network pursues change.

We know our current Network of peers and Brigades want participatory governance in how decisions are made that impact the work we all share under the name “Code for America”.

Which Network decisions have impacted you most in the past – and which ones would you want to have the most impact on individually or collectively?

Other Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Moving forward doesn’t mean the end of discussions, shared decisions, or opportunities to suggest new ideas. Drop comments down below or bring them over to the #network-revisioning channel!

You can also sign up for a peer-to-peer discussion to share your thoughts in-depth with a member of the ReVisioning team!

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Our forum discussing the Network ReVisioning Recommendation covered the high-level overview of its contents – and showed how energized this readership is when it comes time to dig into the details.

As the report’s documents are transferred into a response process that promotes active, in-depth discussion and collaboration on changes, the drafting team encourages you to:

We’ll also plan on having at least two more forums before Brigade Congress (October 15-17).