September 19th Meeting Agenda

CfA: Christopher Whitaker, ST Mayer, Veronica Young, Hashim Mteuzi, Tom Dooner
NAC: Jason Hibbets, Jill Bjers, Ramy Kim (!), Nina Kim, Janet Michaelis, Dawn McDougall, Emma Burnett
Not in attendance: Laura Biediger, Chris Alfano

Pre-Meeting Updates

Upcoming Calendar

  • Congress (October 19th - 21st): Charlotte
    • Registrations at 105
    • Hotel room reservation deadline: 9/21
    • Swag order to happen on Monday (CW)
    • Your stay at the Kimpton during Brigade Congress!
    • Need help getting registration numbers up.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Brigade on-boarding: Code for BCS (Texas)

Special Project Updates

  • Florence Response Work continues

    • Will be on deck to talk about at Congress; have invited partner orgs
    • White paper afterwards to talk about lessons learned (Idea)
  • Civic Tech Immigration Coalition

    • Brief went out to partners for review
    • Will publish after their approval
    • Attendee Updates (pre-meeting)

NAC Updates

Jason - Laura and Jason meet with ST to discuss next steps on election framework tweaks and feedback from the network.

CFA Updates

  • MOU Updates (ST/CW)
    • Will have open office hours at Congress for MOU discussion
    • Will start sending out 2019 MOU s after Thanksgiving to be effective 1/1/2019
    • Updated Brigade Website! (Tom Dooner)


Standing Items to Cover:

Health Check-in (10 min)

NAC Elections for 2019

Brigade Congress - Veronica/Christopher (15 minutes)

  • 2018 Notes above
  • 2019:
    • Cleveland, Looking at Public Library for venue
    • 3rd weekend in October each year.

NAC In-Person Meeting Agenda Prep (CW)

  • Discussion Topic Ideas (CW)
    • 2019 Planning
    • Journey map the brigade member experience (ST)
    • Community forum/town hall (Emma)

MOU Update Process (ST)

  • Any questions on this front?

NDoCH Date Decision ( TD)

  • Some discussion in NAC channel (no objections)
  • Any objections to always the 3rd Saturday in Sept?

Senior Director Hiring Update (ST)

Getting close to making an offer

Other items

Diversity and inclusion training from the Linux Foundation

Decisions Made

  • Brigade Congress will always be 3rd Weekend in Oct
  • Cleveland is the city for 2019
  • Whitaker will check on viability of longer time for NAC meeting
  • Attempt to do buddy system - find first timers and offer it up
  • NDoCH will always be third weekend in September
  • Our calendar is now set!

Assigned Action Items

  • Jill and Christopher will scrub the agenda and Jill will post it (Chair responsibility)

Items to be forwarded to next month’s in-person meeting

  • Journey Mapping - ST
  • Social Contract - DM
  • Onboarding NAC Docs - DM
  • 2019 Planning - CW
  • Community forum/town hall (Emma)