July 18, 2018 Meeting Agenda

Attendees: Jill Bjers, Chris Alfano, Jason Hibbets, Nina Kin, Janet Michaelis, Laura Biediger, Christopher Whitaker, Veronica Young, ST Meyer, Tom Dooner

Pre-Meeting Updates

Upcoming Calendar

NDOCH (August 11)

  • Registrations are coming, albeit slow
  • Staff travel will be set tomorrow
  • Swag is shipping to CfA now, will sent out last week of July.
  • Requesting help from NAC to get registrations up
    • To use NDoCH Dashboard

Congress (October 19th - 21st): Charlotte

  • Working on setting up the registration page
  • Plan is to send out an email next week to encourage early registration

Upcoming Workshops

  • August 1: Delivery Driven Government with Jen

Brigade onboarding / offboarding

  • Onboarding: Code for Kissimmee (FL), Code for Puerto Rico, Code for Buffalo (NY), Open Walnut Creek (CA), Code for Iowa
  • Code for Homestead has their Onboarding Session this Friday, July 20 at 10am PT


Health Check-in (10 min)

  • Everyone good?
  • What was successful this month?
    • Janet: in Columbus, working on Open data legislature.
    • Chris: Philly is hiring a new CIO, city is investing in someone that will be a strong supporter of CIO initiatives
    • Laura is coordinating efforts for a Fayetteville, NC Brigade
    • Jill: Brigade members are effectively using Discourse!
  • Do you need anything to increase your “health”?
    • Laura is excited to announce Congress, any information that can be provided as early as possible is helpful

Civic Tech Immigration Coalition (CW)

  • Launched yesterday; Joint statement posted yesterday, next step is to do three open call between groups working towards helping those affected by the crisis
  • Will do one on one calls with groups like RACIES Texas with the help of our product team to help with needs assessments
    • Focusing on working with local orgs/ orgs in the area of immigration rights to see if and how we can help, not dropping in and creating products without being asked

Brigade Congress - Christopher/Jill (15 minutes)

  • October 19-21
    • Have an estimate from the hotel, moving to book the venue as soon as possible
    • Planning to send out an email next week announcing early registration
  • Steering Committee;
    • Have had one meeting. We started a goals document.
  • Basic Timeline
    • Friday Afternoon
    • Friday evening a welcome reception hosted by Open Charlotte Brigade
    • Saturday All Day
    • Saturday evening neighborhood tours hosted by City of Charlotte
    • Sunday Morning
  • NAC Meeting
    • Propose Friday morning (Approved!)

Summit Feedback Tour

  • NAC to sign up for brigade members to reach out to
  • Laura: suggest possible alternative: are there general questions that regional reps can ask in convos with Brigades, so we don’t necessarily have to has these questions after every event


  • Review election framework
  • Need to start adding comments and feedback -
  • NAC comments by Aug 1.
  • Open it to Network on Aug 1
    • Including at least one online meeting about providing feedback.

Delivery Driven Gov workshop with Jen

  • On 8/1. Registration here
  • In the future, having workshops like this could be helpful to have during work hours

4th Quarter Planning

  • Christopher will be using the 4th quarter to start planning large projects/events for 2019
  • Request to move NDoCH to September (Jason)

Hiring update

  • Interest from both inside the network as well as from community organizing candidates
  • Ask: Flag anything that is falling through the crack (no offense taken) and send in great candidates

Comment from John Stephens on Discourse about sharing NAC meeting notes

Approved. We will post the agenda for each meeting (minus any sensitive info) to Discourse each month.

Cross-brigade collaboration

Janet and Nina, started it but it has stalled.

Decisions Made

  • NAC Meeting around Congress to be held on Friday morning and a short one on Sunday as after action.
  • Post the agenda each month in discourse. This needs to be scrubbed of some of the sensitive and personal info. Also, in August to post the agenda ahead of the meeting fo more feedback and engagement.

Assigned Action Items

Jill and Christopher will scrub the agenda and Jill will post it (Chair responsibility)
Each NAC member will sign up for Listening Tour