August 15, 2018 Meeting Agenda

Attendees: Jill Bjers, Chris Alfano, Jason Hibbets, Emma Burnett, Dawn McDougall, Janet Michaelis, Laura Biediger, Christopher Whitaker, Veronica Young, ST Mayer, Tom Dooner

Pre-Meeting Updates

Upcoming Calendar

Congress (October 19th - 21st): Charlotte

  • More details to come


Health Check-in (10 min)

Everyone good?
What was successful this month?

  • Dawn
  • Janet: Good
  • Laura: Good, craziness
  • Emma: Doing well
  • Chris Alfano: Pretty Good
  • Dawn: Incredibly busy, looking forward to talking about Brigade Congress
  • Jason : Open Raleigh has a successful NDoCH, we worked with First Responder from different organizations and hosted design thinking sessions with them, then held our hacking session. Recap available for all to read. Things have been quiet because of summer
  • Jill: Good, jet lagged.

NAC elections

  • 2019 NAC Elections Timeline and Framework (ST)
    • Laura: need transparency and to open this up to the whole network
    • Questions about: Regional vs at-large, small brigades disadvantaged bc larger brigades have larger number of folks to vote for them, S/M/L brigade representation
    • Emma: Think about the election process. Are zoom debates the best idea? Maybe a written questionnaire?
    • Jason: Fan of general feedback, sharing it out
    • Jill: We shared it out before, but timeline was too tight to get real feedback, support redrawing the map or experiment with at-large/regional model.
    • Chris: skeptical of idea of regional reps, think that cutoffs are better for size of brigade vs region
    • Kristi Leach from Open Uptown would LOVE to be of help in the NAC elections process

Brigade Congress - Christopher/Jill (15 minutes)

Email to full Brigade list will go out this week
NAC: could use help with making sure Brigades sign up to come to Congress

Buddy System for Brigade Members - Veronica (15 minutes)

  • We would like to add another layer to the Brigade Onboarding process. One idea for this is moving forward with the idea for a “buddy” system between Brigade members, leaders, and new leaders. Would love to open the floor open for discussion, and see whether this is a project that a member of the NAC, or NAC in general would like to take on.
  • Let Laura and Jason know if you need notes about our Fayetteville efforts

Open Remaining time for follow-up that is on anyone’s mind

Sticker design contest???

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