February 20, 2019

NAC: Jill Bjers, Chris Alfano, Emma Burnett, Ramy Kim, Nina Kin, Laura Biediger, Janet Michaelis
CFA: Meredith Horowski, Christopher Whitaker, Veronica Young, Tom Dooner, Hashim Mteuzi

Pre-Meeting Updates

Upcoming Calendar

  • Upcoming Workshops: None on CfA Brigade calendar
  • 2019 Calendar:
    • ODD - March 2nd
    • Summit - May 29-31 (Oakland)
    • NDOCH - September 21st
    • Brigade Congress - October 18-20th (Cleveland)
  • Brigade onboarding / offboarding
    • Onboarding - Code for Hackensack, Code for Fresno, Code for Charlottesville, Code for Kentuckiana
    • Offboarding - None

NAC Updates

  • Chris
    • City of Philadelphia GoAgile committee prompted to guide upcoming major ERP procurement, exploring ways to provide guidance and connect CIO with peers / thought leaders / civic hacking community
    • Civic cloud moving forward, helping CfP expand dev effort for laddr as a brigade operating system
    • Working out details for a couple speaking slots at open source software conferences, going to speak to intersection of civic hacking + public ed through the lens of how they need hackers to build things that aren’t scalable and have no business model. Want to figure out good messaging against the dominance of “will it scale”…anti-scale!
  • Dawn
  • Emma
    • Did content committee work in SF last week
    • Running for NAC again, yay
    • Good meetings on summer rural civic tech project aka Civic Island
    • Local brigade: moving ahead with forming a VOST with our county & wonder if this would apply to other brigades
  • Janet
  • Jason
    • Working on setting up a BAT committee to simplify the BAT onboarding process
    • Excited for the Open gov / open data track at SCaLE 17x on March 7; kudos to Nina and Vicki for making that happen
    • Due to a family obligation, I will not be able to attend the meeting. I might be able to dial-in towards the end.
  • Jill
    • Hex stickers are coming along but looking at multiple options to have something ready for Summit sticker exchange.
  • Laura
    • South Region monthly calls
    • 3rd call coming up next Monday
    • Then we’ll set a regular month date
    • Here are the notes from the last calls
    • Good cadence so far:
      • Welcome, icebreakers
      • In depth on two brigades
      • Discussion or focus topic
      • CfA updates & others
      • Brief evaluation
      • Plan for next month
    • Interest Groups:
      • Design Interest Group- The third monthly call is this Friday. 24 people registered so far.
      • Membership Interest Group- We held our first call last month, but i might wait until someone else steps up to lead that.
      • Communications Interest Group- Kazi (Charlotte) is interested in helping lead this group. We’ll have our first call the month following CfA’s Marketing webinar.
    • Code for Chapel Hill- a high school teacher has gotten involved and incorporated mapping into coursework. Now he’s planning Code for Chapel Hill’s first hackathon (prob March 16) with the Town of Chapel Hill- expected attendance is mostly high school students :slight_smile:
  • Nina
    • Ramy and I had a great call with the captain of Code for Walnut Creek. We need to get him on a New Captain on-boarding call. I really liked the format of having both me and Ramy on the call. I think we represented a good spectrum of experience between the two of us.
    • The So Cal Linux Expo Open Gov track is locked in! I believe they record all the sessions and post them to YouTube eventually. Jason’s got multiple talks. :smiley: Check out the sessions (Open Gov is on Thursday, Open Data is on Sat/Sun)
  • Ramy

CFA Updates

  • Brigade Team Focus
    • Census
    • NAC elections
    • Fellowship launch
    • Summit content
    • Brigade day content
    • NAC onboarding/offboarding weekend
    • Standard Operating Goals – infrastructure, admin, support
  • Talent Strategy
    • Objective, Goals, Strategies, Measures
  • Christopher
    • Please reach out to your Brigades to vote
  • Veronica
  • Tom
  • Hashim


Health Check-in

  • Everyone good?

    • Everyone is good. Feeling excited about the elections.
    • Jason is great. Just had 1.5 weeks of PTO.
  • What was successful this month?

    • Jason: I had some great interactions with the network doing outreach to NAC candidates
    • Nina: Landed a grant for 5 year support for South LA Hack Night
    • Emma: Continuing work with Disaster Response team from county. Could also be sustaining funding for brigade.
    • Ramy/Nina: Connected with Open Walnut Creek.
    • Janet: Headed to PHL to be interviewed about Flo’s Whistle. Pulling them into PHL Hack Night
    • Dawn/Jill: Speaking at TICTec 2019 in Paris in March.
  • Do you need anything to increase your “health?”

    • Crickets… I think we are doing well.

“Heads-Up” items (Meredith)

  • Fellowship (Hahsim)
    • Applications are open now until March 31
  • Travel
    • Other brigade/CfA-related travel
  • Help share the discourse post capturing the lay of the land for S&J projects in brigades (TD)
  • March brigade travel (TD)
  • Brigade check-in calls (VY)
  • Would love a NAC representative on the Brigade Day Content Committee (VY)
    • Em and Ramy will act in an advisory role
  • Summit tickets & Travel
    NAC Elections (Christopher) - 15 minutes

  • Votes are coming in slow but steady. Need help getting out the vote to brigade members.
  • Regional Reps - Please email your Brigades by week’s end
    • If RR can’t - appoint an at-large to do it by weeks in
      Onboard / offboarding weekend (Veronica) - 15 minutes

  • General Schedule is almost ready.
    • We heard the desire to have a lot of bonding time, trainings and conversation about the best way to work together.
  • Booking Travel
    • Travel guidelines will be completed tomorrow. Please hold off on booking travel until that is completed.
  • Training Ideas that are still being considered
    • Facilitation (+1)
    • Dispersed Organizing
    • Mediation
    • Inclusion
      Listening tour report back presentation (MH)

  • We need more time to talk about this so we will plan another meeting next week to go over this presentation.

NAC Time

  • Summit/Brigade Day (Janet) - 10 minutes
    • Buddy program -
      • This is a valuable way to welcome people into the network for their first event. We will repeat at Summit.
  • Brigade Lounge ideas
    • Sticker exchange
    • Org chart
      • The idea around this is a visualization of who is where and working on what projects.
  • Region stickers-
    • There is value in recognizing regional proximity for Brigade members.
    • Small stickers were hard to identify from a distance.
    • Government stickers?
  • Will there be a tshirt?

Next NAC Meeting Moderator - Jill will not be at the next meeting. We need someone to step up and facilitate the meeting.