November 14, 2018 Meeting Agenda



NAC: Jill Bjers, Dawn McDougall, Chris Alfano, Jason Hibbets, Emma Burnett, Ramy Kim, Nina Kin, Janet Michaelis, Laura Biediger
CFA: Meredith Horowski, ST Mayer, Christopher Whitaker, Veronica Young, Tom Dooner,

Pre-Meeting Updates

Upcoming Calendar

  • Upcoming Workshops: None on CfA Brigade calendar
  • 2019 Calendar:
    • ODD - March 2nd
    • Summit - May 29-31 (Oakland)
    • NDOCH - September 21st
    • Brigade Congress - October 18-20th (Cleveland)

NAC Updates

  • Chris
    • GoAgile advisory committee in Philly, civic hackers and CIOs looking at upcoming projects w/ City procurement/tech/law to think about approaches
    • Want case studies like GetCalFresh of agile approaches being put in practice in state/major city gov contexts
  • Dawn
    • On-boarding docs – feedback all in?
    • NE HH – people came! Hoping to organize more of these
      • People seem to like any type of contact
    • Meredith welcome webinar seemed to go well, lots of good ideas
    • Hoping to deputize more folks to help out more
    • QuestHacks
  • Jason
    • Had a great call with Meredith this week, welcome again!
    • I would like to take another pass at the BAT framework with Tom; then host a webcast in early December to get feedback from the network. Ultimately, I’d like to get the emergency responder efforts as an official, cross-brigade project that people can join.
    • I’ve been working with Ruthie (CfA) on a Brigade Congress recap. It’s 80% there, I need help to fill in a few gaps–I need a co-author to wrap it up this week so we can publish on Monday, Nov 19.
    • Laura and I are need to circle back on Brigade election feedback with ST.
  • Jill: Met with Meredith. Welcome.
  • Laura
    • NC brigade gathering scheduled for Dec. 15
    • South brigade call to be scheduled (late Nov. / early Dec.)
    • Code for Durham: City & County staff attending meetup; well-attended Racial Inequities Meetup (potential to help City Racial Equity Task Force identify policies); I-Team requested help with driver’s license 90,000 dismissal forms
  • Emma
  • Nina
  • Ramy

CFA Updates

Brigade Team Focus


Health Check-in (10 min)

  • Everyone good?

What was successful this month?

  • Dawn:
    • NE had a Happy Hour. Had 4-5 people. First one.
    • Hackathon with community members with lived experience. She will create some output for us to read.
  • Laura:
    • South Brigades are getting together soon.
    • Had 5 members of gov at the last meeting and they came on their own.
    • Last night had 33 people attend, including public health employees
  • Emma: had a well attendant meetup last night. With potential sponsors and new partnerships. Feeling like political scene is moving quickly with new Democratic Governor. Trying to look at state level impact.
  • Janet: Election went well for future partnerships and impact.
  • Nina: New project showed up at meeting with Justice advocacy related to homelessness.
  • Chris: CIO kicked off initiative called Go Agile Steering Committee, seated with people from civic tech, CIOs with good round table meetings. Needs seem to align with some of CfA work.
  • Jason: City of Raleigh with NC state hosted an event around Smart Cities. Found out about a new initiative that Raleigh can partnership with. NC Clear Path won NC OpenPass Datapalooza. Team has Durham and Asheville brigade members.

Do you need anything to increase your “health?”

  • Jason needs help with Brigade Congress recap, looking for a co-author: Jill is primary, Dawn is secondary
  • Dawn would like us all to look at onboarding doc.
  • Chris would like to remind us all to pay attention to Discourse.
  • Jason wants to do a brigade workshop about BATs: focused on Emergency Relief teams as official BAT.

New “Heads-Up” items (MH)

  • 2019 Travel: mapping out potential travel. NAC participants will be Dawn, Nina and Jill.
  • Census: Early in the process but is looking to get a better sense of what Brigades want/need. Laura would like to be involved and have an annual report with a picture of what the brigades are up to. Emma and Janet are also interested in helping.
  • Webinar report out / next steps
    • Had a webinar on Monday and got a chance to meet with lots of community members. Good facilitated conversation including plus & deltas, training and resources, and where to members want to see brigades in 10 years. Meredith is creating an output.
  • Updated Brigade Website! (TD)
    • Still fleshing out some resources but it’s awesome and looking to be a better resource for Brigade Leaders to find info.
    • NAC page (!!!) It is live! Spread the word. Yay!
    • Code of Conduct page
    • (Soon) Financial Administration page
    • Can always use more people to help user test this!

MOU Updates (ST/CW)

  • Got input on the MOU from a couple of different opportunities to get feedback, including Brigade Congress.
  • Changes
    • Refining the language around travel around Summit and Congress with financial aid process and broaden who gets to attend. Leading with value around affordability.
    • 501c3 doesn’t disqualify a brigade from financial aid
    • Language around Brigade census and its intend. A count allows us to create shared goals, measure diversity and inclusion.
    • Members will be pinged three times (event registry, sign up on Meetup and voting in NAC election) to get participation.
    • Expensify process will be simplified down to three brigade members. There can be exceptions but that would be the target numbers.
    • They still require one signature but has space for two signatures. Include a list of core team members as contacts for CfA.
  • Process: will be primarily the same but more specialized.
    • December 1st will start sending out MOUs.
    • The goal is to be signed by January.
    • They will be one calendar year and always expire at the end of the year, no matter when a brigade joins.
  • What are you looking to NAC for support on?
    • Slack chatter around process and be Ambassadors.
    • Help ping brigades that haven’t responded.
    • Sign your MOUs as quickly as possible.
  • Election Timeline - add to Slack. Starts early in the new year.
    • Request of CfA to create a list of active brigade members to help us better reach out to inactive and encourage brigade members to run for NAC.
    • Including us flagging brigade leaders that are non-responsive to NAC outreach.
  • Other Items
    • Opportunities to participate - create a new section in the notes for NAC members to have a list of things that they can take to their brigades to participate in.

Release Staff for NAC Roles Discussion for remainder of the meeting