Send a quick note of gratitude to a Fellow Network Member Today!

As we enter the holiday season, we’d love your help spreading gratitude. Plus, it was so lovely last year we couldn’t resist doing it again this year.

For those of you able to join us in St. Louis for Brigade Congress, you got an early look at the Gratitude Tour with Carlos’ book signing. (By the way, thanks to everyone who shared a note of gratitude at Brigade Congress. They’ve been lovely!) To continue the love, we’ve created a quick Gratitude Form to help you recognize, thank, or shout out anyone you have noticed impacting your Brigade work or the Network. The form is intended to be simple and anonymous, but please include any contact information that will allow us to find them (or follow up with you).

You can send your gratitude to a volunteer, community partner, or Code for America Staff member. Our team will display a note in the Gratitude Gallery when you write it.

Additionally, Our team will send a message to them, recognizing them and sharing your message. We hope to send a handwritten note and a small gift to each person on your behalf.

Don’t forget to take a moment and reflect on the extraordinary impact you’ve made over the last year, and thank yourself. Volunteering with your local community and the Network shows leadership in your community, and that work is worth appreciating.

Please get your Gratitude Notes in by December 20th. Thank you!

:arrow_right: Send Your Gratitude Note Today