March deadlines: Brigade Census, Summit Tickets+Support, and Community Fellowships

March has been a busy month in the Brigade Network, and March 31 is a big deadline for a lot of important things happening. @NAC wants to make sure you had the information you needed so you and your Brigade members could make these deadlines.

  1. Census: Complete the Brigade Network Census and tell your Brigade members to complete it as well! You can use this sample email and Slack message for outreach to your Brigade. Anyone who completes the census will be put in a raffle to win a free Summit ticket, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!
  2. Summit: Get your Summit tickets now! You can purchase a ticket or apply for a complimentary ticket. You can also apply for travel support.
  3. Community Fellowship: Apply for the 2019 Community Fellowship. Check out the FAQ, and this brochure for Government partners to learn more about how to submit a strong application.

Remember that the deadline for all of this is March 31, so please try to act quickly. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, you can reply right here. Many thanks and see you around!


A couple things I want to point out after fielding some questions about Summit…

  • The $250 ticket for Brigade Members is available through May, so you still have access to the subsidized rate if you don’t end up getting the complimentary ticket.

  • Even though Summit is technically only Thursday-Friday, plan to be there on Wednesday for Brigade Day (which is separate from the workshops for general Summit attendees).

  • If you come early, there might be fun Brigade stuff going on Tuesday night!

  • Stick around on Saturday for a Brigade Breakfast as well!

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