Cross Brigade Collab [Brigade Congress 2019]

This is a placeholder for notes and discussion about the Brigade Congress 2019 session:

Session: Cross Brigade Collab
Presented by: Bonnie Wolfe (Hack for LA), Tim Eccleston (Code for Nashville)

Notes Document:

Re: the idea of sharing conference plans somewhere, I set up this community calendar as a possible prototype:

Cross Brigade Collaboration Notes


  • Bonnie Hack for LA
  • Tim code for Nashville

Purpose: Relationship building and figuring out tools for building collaboration

Brigades Meeting Outside of Conferences:

  • At summit a quick talk about brigades meeting together outside of conferences:
  • Any way to do that? Road trip!
    • Pool money between brigades
    • Not just the leads but the members meet too
    • Scheduled all brigade members from Nashville, Louisville, code for Dayton … road trip to congress
    • Rented van
    • How much engagement from all members in brigades about trip… hard to know
  • Open data days
  • Delegations from one brigade to another
  • Slack Tim Eccleston for more info

Project Index

  • Started at Summit 2019
  • Pilot Members from SFO, OAK, San Diego, Boston, Philly
  • A group that meets every other week
  • Slack - #brigade-project-index
  • Next call after congress will be catchup October 27th 6pm pst

Know Your Rights

  • Example tool that many brigades can work on
  • Site is statewide
  • Multiple brigades collaborate at least for larger states with many brigades

Brigades Helping with CfA National Work

  • In response to interest about the CfA national work
  • First research team was record clearance research team
    • NDoCH feeds into that
    • How to advocate based on findings
    • across all fifty states
  • Second research team
    • Color of Change
    • Winning Justice database
    • Info about prosecutors across country ahead of 2020 elections voting on prosecutors
    • apply by Monday
  • National Know your Rights Site
    • Ask for participation to come soon from open Oakland and hack for la
  • CfA likes to promote the opportunities
  • Multiple points of entry
  • People find out about it via national slack or e-mail to brigade leaders
  • How to pre-format for making stuff easier to cross post?
  • Discourse #winning-color

Code for KC

  • Clear my record team
  • Relations between KC and StL
  • Legislative policy sessions - state facilitation talks
  • What happens in KC could go to STL

Laura B - taxonomy of interest

  • Facilitates monthly calls

Community Newsletter

  • Across the state
  • Twice monthly
  • TWICT is on hold
    • Is that the right format?
  • Colorado has 3 brigades, all three can collaborate on one Google doc
  • CfA does collect newsletters
    • or just tell people
    • Use #content-collaboration
  • Launch on Jan 1st all newsletters
  • @joshbernstein on slack

CfA to Brigades

  • use e-mail different from just captain e-mail
  • Bigger brigades can host devs from tiny brigades while they build
  • Include new brigades in org meetings

Brigade BnB

  • Philly
  • Honolulu

Brigade Swag Store

  • Multiple brigades could collaborate on content that shares between stores
  • Zazzle Store - store of brigade oriented merchandise/swag to celebrate
  • Single brigade store less powerful than all brigade store
  • Maybe CfA owns store
  • Or maybe google sheet / discourse of all stores
  • Or have CfA own store and drop-down at checkout to choose which brigade gets money
  • Or use Patreon
  • Need more quotes from non-white / non-male etc.
  • @micahmutrux

Misc. Notes

  • Mostly from Greg - Code for DC
  • Regional Convening
    • Great for people from outside of region
    • Slack channel or something to help travel dates intersect at same place / time
    • Convenings that are not just focused on brigade stuff the whole time
  • What are the various civic tech conferences that brigades never go to… how can we can arrange to meet at these events?
    • Top civic tech events?
    • Room sharing?
    • Note sharing!
  • - maybe worth checking out for road trips etc.
  • Start small!