2022 Brigade Congress Highlights & Gratitude

Thank you

In the spirit of thanks, we’re excited to be hosting the Gratitude Tour again! Is there anyone in the Network community or your Brigade who has impacted you and you’d like to thank? Give them a shoutout in this quick Gratitude Form. :love_letter:

The Network Team is entering our own season of gratitude. Volunteers have always been the backbone of our work—we see the hours you put into organizing meetups, managing and developing projects, building partnerships, creating social media content, and more. We see how much thought you put into nurturing your community partnerships. We see the work you’re doing to understand your community’s needs and embed community-first practices into your Brigade’s routines—all to make a meaningful impact. For that and so much more, we’re thankful to have you in the Code for America Network.

– The Network Team

Brigade Congress highlights

BC Broadband Library Bus - Email

Broadband panel + community action

After hearing from experts working on broadband access, over 30 volunteers hopped on a bus and went to a branch of the St. Louis Public Library to help patrons sign up for the Affordable Connectivity Program. Want to host your own sign-up event? Use our toolkit!

BC Impact Sprints - Email

Impact Sprints showcase

October marked the conclusion of the 2022 Impact Sprints pilot. :zap: We celebrated with an in-person and virtual showcase of the incredible work by the Brigade teams and their community partners. Check out all 13 projects here!

BC Participatory Governance - Email

Participatory deliberation

This year, we added a participatory component to Brigade Congress to hear your thoughts on topics ranging from the volunteer experience to Brigade MOU changes. Missed it? You can still participate virtually here.

Gratitude Tour

As we enter the holiday season, we’d love your help spreading gratitude. We’ve created a quick Gratitude Tour form to help you recognize, thank, or shout out anyone you’ve noticed making an impact in your Brigade or across the Network. You can send your gratitude to a volunteer, community partner, or Code for America staff member. When you create a gratitude note, our team will display it in the Gratitude Gallery, reach out to the recipient to share your recognition, and send a handwritten message.

The form is intended to be simple and anonymous, but please include any contact information that will allow us to find them (or follow up with you). Get your shout-outs in before December 15 so your heroes of the year can get a special surprise before the holiday break!

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