2018 Brigade Congress

Post notes and materials for brigade Congress sessions in a new topic for each session under whatever category is most applicable to the topic. If you’re not sure, feel free to leave your topic uncategorized and we’ll figure it out later.

Use the tag #brigadecongress-2018 and we’ll compile an organized list of them here in this wiki topic





To Add to the section - Breakout Sessions 4
Brigade to Brigade Communication.
Compilation of Surveys completed by some of the participants. Open to others to add their thoughts:

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@JBStephens thanks for sharing! I edited that resource into the wiki.

For future travelers – feel free to use how I added this link as an example and make future additions directly. Posting replies is always fine too though if you’re not sure about how to edit some bit of info into the wiki

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Wow, @chris, amazing work from last year.

Even though a string of airline incompetence and bad weather and missed connections made me late and miss today (ugh), I think we have enough notes to do this again.

Document :clap: all :clap: the :clap: things :clap: you :clap: can :clap: //

For :clap: as :clap: long :clap: as :clap: you :clap: can :clap: //

For :clap: as :clap: much :clap: good :clap: as :clap: you :clap: can!

EDIT: I’m just seeing @tdooner’s wiki!

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