Network ReVisioning: Spokes Council Meeting

Who is this meeting for

People who are active in the Code for America Network Community (through involvement in projects, joining shared space like the Slack, or being part of a Brigade) are welcome to attend these meetings. We follow Code for America’s Code of Conduct. Here is one excerpt from that:

Encourage members and participants to listen as much as they speak.

Our monthly meetings can often be large (>10 participants) and because of that, we encourage primary contribution and engagement through the Zoom chat.

To view past meeting notes and see recordings, you can view our pilot Decidim instance. To gain context for ReVisioning, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the ReVisioning Recommendation.

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I’d like to suggest we explore an adjustment to the Spokes meeting schedule. Once a month we will continue to meet at ~3:00 and once a month we would meet at ~8PM Eastern.

I believe this change would help us to get engagement from a wider range of participants, especially people working full time.