January 16, 2019



NAC: Jill Bjers, Chris Alfano, Emma Burnett, Nina Kin, Laura Biediger, Dawn McDougall, Jason Hibbets
CFA: Meredith Horowski, Christopher Whitaker, Veronica Young, Tom Dooner, Hashim Mteuzi

Pre-Meeting Updates

Upcoming Calendar

  • Upcoming Workshops: None on CfA Brigade calendar
  • 2019 Calendar:
    • ODD - March 2nd
    • Summit - May 29-31 (Oakland)
    • NDOCH - September 21st
    • Brigade Congress - October 18-20th (Cleveland)
  • Brigade onboarding / offboarding
    • Onboarding - Code for Hackensack, Code for Kentuckiana
    • Offboarding - Code for Berkeley, NIU Tech Bark, TBD re: MOU process

NAC Updates

  • Chris
    • Holidays are for hacking in the dark :smiley:
  • Dawn
    • Code for JC – working on getting the word out about partnerships with mesh networks and tenant rights
      • No current interest in joining NAC
  • Emma
    • Summit content committee planning is underway. We are going to work on reviewing submissions in-person early February for main stage & breakout content.
    • New project model for OpenMaine; sharing w other “fledgling”/ small/struggling brigades – who might qualify?
    • OpenMaine: We had the Cumberland County Emergency Response coordinator reach out proactively to help create an “information portal” of sorts – scrape social media mentions of an event and put all in one place in order to combat misinformation. Going to take first meetings and then reach out to other groups – we have much to learn/ share from the network on emergency response.
  • Janet
    • Meeting with prospective Cincinnati Brigade founder next week
    • Also recruiting…HT Jason!
  • Jason
    • I will join the first part of tonight’s meeting by phone, then by video when I get home from a meet-up;
    • Held a discovery call around BATs, next steps are to form a small working group (Kevin, Mohit, Annie) and follow-up with Tom on infrastructure questions;
    • Has a self-formed BAT from Code for Hackensack:
    • United World of Rescue Brigade Action Team (UWR BAT)
    • Purpose: To consolidate Animal Rescue platforms into a single repository, encourage the development of new applications, and facilitate collaboration across a planetary cooperative
    • I’ve also been recruiting NAC election candidates.
  • Jill
    • Working on on-boarding information for the next NAC.
    • Hex Stickers are coming along. Working on New Orleans now.
  • Laura
  • Nina
    • 2nd meeting of Design group.
    • Good stuff coming out of California state, looking to tie them into Open Data Day planning.
    • Presented about HFLA 2019 planning in the online workshop on Monday.
    • On a personal level - I got elected to the board of the SoCal ACLU, so I’m looking forward to collaboration there.
    • SCaLE 17x - potential gov/civic tech programming + tabling opportunities at this open source software conference.
  • Ramy

CFA Updates

  • Brigade Team Focus
    • Heads up about our Q1 OKRs
  • Meredith
    • In Miami for a wedding, so staying after for a couple days to meet with Miami, Tampa Bay, Orlando
    • Had 10.5 hours of meetings today (YIKES)
    • Anyone object to putting together a twitter group for NAC + engaged twitter-ers in the Network?
    • Shutdown: trying to think about creative things we can do to help provide essential services while government is shutdown. Any interest in this, or ideas?
  • Christopher
    • MOU Report Back
      • To date: 80% of Brigades re-signed
      • A handful of Brigades haven’t signed, but said that they will (Like DC)
    • Brigades have to sign by the 31st to participate in elections
      NAC Elections Now Live!
    • Candidate Sheet has been created
    • Here is an Example Invitation language
    • Here’s the ask of you:
      • Reach out to a woman and a person of color that you think would be great for NAC
      • Regional Reps, ping your Brigades about the elections
      • Tweet / Slack reminders to Brigades at large about the elections
  • Veronica
    • Brigade Census in progress, interest in co-authoring the blog post announcement?
    • Working with Jill on Brigade Health Checklist, any other thoughts on this?
    • Thinking about NAC onboarding/offboarding weekend….anyone want to colead?
  • Tom
    • Still need more user testing volunteers!
    • Upcoming projects: Reporting back Brigade Census to Brigade leaders, Helping leaders measure their retention
  • Hashim
    • Please share the Public Interest Tech Job Board with your circles
      • 132 active high-impact opportunities currently listed
      • Q3 2018: 16 people placed in public interest tech roles
      • Q4 2018: 13 people placed in public interest tech roles


Health Check-in

  • Everyone good?
    • All standing in agreement that we are good.
  • What was successful this month?
    • What was successful this month?
    • Feel good about meetings around NAC role and job descriptions.
    • Code for JC doing cool work with community partners. Coreteam is more focused on education, which is interesting.
    • New BAT started by HackSackensack (Misspoke calling them Newark)
    • Good call with Tulsa about promoting and supporting Courtbot
    • CA State is working on cool new technology stuff with partnership potential.
    • Emma had a good meeting with Harvard Kennedy fellows about transition and good civic tech
    • Maine is looking at some new stuff about projects and looking to share stuff about small projects.
    • Laura and Nick have been doing a lot around the Design meetup push.
    • Nina elected to Southern California Board for ACLU - CONGRATS!
    • Scale17 - open source software conference in CA. Jason and Nina working with organizers to expand their open source track.
  • Do you need anything to increase your “health?”

CFA Time

  • “Heads-Up” items (Meredith)
    • Good workshop on strategic priorities on Monday. Thanks Veronica & Nina! Agenda
    • Q1 OKRs (MH)
    • NAC on-site (VY)
    • Co-Leads will be Dawn and Jill
    • Census Blog Post- Janet will co-author
  • NAC elections (5 min) (CW)
    • Here’s the ask of you:
    • Reach out to womxn / nonbinary folks and/or person of color that you think would be great for NAC and put their info into the nomination form so we can track it - current recruits are here
    • When you’ve done this; ping the NAC channel with your nomination so we don’t pick the same person twice - Please do this by Jan 25th
    • Currently, we have 45% of our potential recruits as Women or People of color and we’re trying to get 60% - so we need at least another additional 15 candidates to get that goal - 30 if we want to be safe
    • Regional Reps, ping your Brigades about the elections - Please do this by Jan 21st
    • Tweet / Slack reminders to Brigades at large about the elections from now until the 25th. We want each NAC member to ping the channel at least once before then.
      • Sample Outreach Language
    • Outreach Ideas
      • Join other Brigades Slack; (Tom has the auto-join list)
      • Meetup Message to All Brigades
  • Summit + Brigade day (10 min) (MH)
    • Overview on content side
    • Three main tracks: gov ops, digital delivery, civic innovation
    • Meeting mid-Feb to go over submissions
      • 30ish working on content selection
      • Over 400 submissions
    • Tickets and Travel Process
      • Unlimited number brigade tickets at $250 cost
      • Financial aid for comp ticket and travel stipend
    • Brigade Day (VY)
      • Content Committee
      • Leadership Retreats re: Dawn
      • Attendees - Can we have some intentionality around the target audience for Summit (maybe a more mature member of the network | maybe a 1.0) vs Congress (maybe potential leaders we’re trying to groom | maybe a 2.0)
  • Fellowship (10-15 min)
    • 2018 lessons learned
    • 2019 goals + timeline
    • How NAC can plug-in
      • Screening applications / selection process
      • Driving submissions & applications
      • Apply!

NAC Time