[June 15] June Workshop: Hosting Virtual Meetings and Events

As times have forced us to change to an increasingly virtual environment, we want to help support Brigades moving their meetings and events to a virtual platform. On Monday, June 15, we held a workshop to hear from Brigade leaders who have recently led virtual events and meetings, to hear their wins and challenges from this experience. We also discussed needs for supporting these remote events so that the Network Team and National Advisory Council can help the Network in doing so.

Presenters included Jason Hibbets (Open Raleigh Brigade), Will Pfeffer (Code for Boston and Code for America), and Em Burnett (Open Maine and NAC).

Watch the workshop here!

And below are links to the presentations from each of the presenters:

Sorry I couldn’t make the event, but was curious: did the idea of a virtual hackathon hosting platform come up? Does anyone have any good recommendations for platforms that aren’t overly corporate and are still easy to get up and running with? Or is that potentially even something Code for America would look into hosting as a service for the brigades? We’ve been hoping to launch a virtual hackathon to connect local project teams through July/August and are in search of a platform. (I know that’s probably coming up too quickly to figure out a central solution this time around, but might be interesting infrastructure for the longer term…)

Here are a few options I found while googling, but am having a hard time figuring out how to think about choosing one in a principled way. I don’t love the idea of having all of our hackathon data in a cloud solution, but I’m also not sure if we’ll have the bandwidth to self-host one of the open source options:

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This was a great webinar! As far as event planning goes, it went over pretty common ideas, but the thing that was so great about it was that it was very well organized, comprehensive, and to the point. People treat event planning like it’s common sense, but it doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

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The video has been uploaded above along with the presentations from the presenters!

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