Open Data, Civic Tech, etc. related conferences


I’m interested in documenting, or finding existing lists of, civic tech/open data focused events - events that our brigades can attend and speak at! I have no idea what’s the best way to keep a centralized, categorized, and updated list without duplicating existing efforts.

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Great round-up of this Nina.

Perhaps I’m thinking too exclusively on our local community and related partners but many of these events for us, at least ones held in Cleveland, primarily consist of local attendees.
(I’m thinking of things like our local community organizations like the bike coalition’s annual meetings or annual Homeless standown here); ones that our brigade members/leadership may attend not necessarily speak at but may attend because they are personally interested in it or the other meeting overlaps in some aspects on a professional level, and/or also attending shows solidarity/strengthens relations with community partners); so those events may fall too outside of what you’re looking for…

In that case,
One that I’ve seen advertised nationally, overlaps pretty well with open data and civic tech, and will be held in Cleveland in early November is the Freedman Center Colloquium on Digital Scholarship (I spent part of summit one day submitting a proposal to it :sweat:)


I really want to capture the local stuff too… Those are probably the most relevant for us and our members because they’re the most accessible. I’d be interested in figuring out how we could manage and display that info!


@ninakin I just made this a Wiki so folks can add to the list!