[February 17] February Workshop: Brigade Project Standup!

For the February Brigade workshop, we’ll be hearing from Brigade members from around the country, who will highlight some of their recent work!

(Check back soon for a list of presenters)

All are encouraged to attend, whether you’re an experienced Brigade project lead looking for best practices from your peers around the Network, or someone brand new to the Code for America community looking to learn what we’re all about!

Register now!

If you interested in sharing a project you’re working on,contact me at wpfeffer@codeforamerica.org, or find me @will on Slack.


Neat! Does “standup” mean that any project leads who show up will get to share, like an actual standup? Or is more like a pre-selected panel?

Not sure how to frame this if re-posting

(If it’s not a standup-like format, I’d humbly suggest not leaning on the word in future versions :slight_smile: )

EDIT: Oops. My weekly digest meant this came too late! Nevermind!

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We’ll be doing these every month! And yes, my hope is that moving forward we’ll do 2 or so “featured,” more in-depth project presentations, and then have space for any project leads to share what they are working on.

The next one will be on March 10–the featured presentations will all be Criminal Justice themed, but anyone is welcome to present in the second half!

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