Spring Cleaning: Documentation for your Repos (& Discourse, too)

Brigades in the Code for America Network are working on many similar projects in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To best coordinate projects across Brigades, share successes and lessons, and to measure impact — we first need to have a workable list of projects.

Introducing: The Brigade Project Index

This index, created by volunteers from several different Brigades, is a new way to document and share Brigade projects. You can view the GitHub repo here, and see the live project index here. This index relies on proper succinct GitHub documentation in order to adequately pull project names and descriptions into the index.

Documentation is essential. To best support our Brigade projects and to help properly identify and coordinate on COVID-19 projects, the Brigade COVID-19 organizing group proposed a Spring Cleaning for Your Repos from April 3-5, 2020 where we’ll focus on: updating project documentation, ditching dead Slack channels, tagging things for the project index, and indexing Brigade projects.

Want to take part? Here are some guides as well as places we need volunteers.

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@ryan.b.harvey is leading this.


OK, everyone! We have some office hours scheduled for this weekend’s Spring Cleaning. These are informal, hourlong sessions with volunteers who can help you with your Brigade’s Documentation. Have basic questions about GitHub? Want to make sure your projects are getting indexed? Or just want to check in? Join at: https://codeforamerica.zoom.us/j/9649381159

Friday: 6-7pm ET/ 4-3pm PT
Saturday: 5-6pm ET / 2-3pm PT
Sunday: 4-5pm ET/ 1-2pm PT

A reminder you can also find resources and support at the #documentation Slack channel.

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