Network Projects Branch Nominations


The Projects Branch is designed to help project teams develop the best work possible.

:bulb: Learn more about the Projects Branch and its charter draft here!

There are three Volunteer Working Groups under this Branch. Each of these groups have distinct responsibilities and interests, but they are designed to work together collaboratively with each other and with paid staff.

  • Performance Working Group
    This working group will be responsible for the prioritization, review, selection, agreement, and evaluation of projects for the Project Branch.

  • Participation Working Group
    This working group mobilizes volunteers, helps projects find needed skills, and offers projects volunteer organizing advice and support.

  • Project Development Working Group
    This working group is responsible for the processes and initiatives that help projects become the best versions of themselves.

How to Nominate :ballot_box:

Leave a comment with the nominated person’s name and email. You can nominate yourself or a friend for these working groups!

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I would like to nominate myself for the Project Development Working Group.

Stacey Rebekah Scott

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