Working Group Member Nominations

Nominate Working Group Members! Working Groups (WGs) will be accountable to carry out the activities specified in each Branch Charter, including branch governance, resource delivery, etc.

:spiral_calendar: Nominations are currently OPEN.

Interest and critical mass of nominations and Nominee Trailblazers interest and capacity will be a first test to determine whether this Network Organizing Branches structure can work for the Network-at-large. If there are a critical mass of nominations, we will bring that group together to build consensus on next steps. The hope and process for the future will be entirely dependent on this trailblazing volunteer-led, volunteer-driven work.


To submit a nomination for a specific Branch or the DEI Leadership Committee, select it from the list below to open its designated nomination thread and leave a comment with the nominated person’s name and email.

  1. :star: DEI Leadership Committee: Housed under the Collective Leadership Branch, this key working group will set DEI goals and develop DEI support for the Branches and the Network at large.

  2. Collective Leadership Branch: Responsible for the administration of the full Network community

  3. Impact Partners Branch: A space for community partners to support each other and explore opportunities to expand their impact through civic tech and the Network

  4. Civic Tech Organizers Branch: Peer-to-peer training, mentorship, and resource sharing communities of practice for network organizers (e.g. Brigade leaders)

  5. Human-Centered Technology Branch: Technical skill sharing and development across Code for America’s 8 disciplines of Human Centered Technology

  6. Network Projects Branch: A home for Brigade projects, impact sprints, action teams, and National Days of Action to deliver the impact of the Network and connect volunteers to opportunities

Here are some comments shared in the Participatory Governance area at Brigade Congress:

  • One-on-ones could help explain the model to the extent it can be imagined what is at stake
  • Have brigades elect 1-6+ ppl to rep them in a few relevant working groups. They should be accountable to their teams.
  • lots of outreach + mentoring needed.