Understanding Your Community with Kilo Recipe

Recipe for Understanding Your Community with Kilo

Makes: 1+ Connected Problem Solvers


  • You
  • People you care about
  • Your senses (including mind, heart, and feelings)
  • 1 centering exercise
  • 1 place* in the community you serve or support


  1. Together, greet the place (humans and your surrounding environment). Use the centering exercise to slow down and get present.
  2. Introduce yourselves and ask for permission to engage in Kilo observing your community.
  3. Break out and explore in silence without distractions for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Carefully observe the place around you using all of your senses.
  5. Come back together. Thank the place and say goodbye.
  6. Reflect and share openly what you’ve noticed or learned from your observations.

*Great Additions/Substitutions

Neighborhood, community park, healing garden, trail, water fountain, urban sanctuary