Community Involvement Within Our Projects and Programs

How do Brigade Leaders approach community input and buy-in? I personally am not afraid to ask anyone for their opinion although this isn’t effective nor conducive when wanting more than a few individuals’ feedback or opinions. Has anyone had any experience with community feedback by questionnaires or a poll? If so, were there any permissions to acquire? How did you get the word out to your communities? @JMMaok, @tajaran, and @Bonnie do any one of you have any experience or suggestions? When we as an organization state that we are “People-centered problem solvers”, what does that look like? How do we put our communities front and center?


Thanks for this thoughtful question!

When it comes to surveys, there are a lot of things that depend on context. Here are two good general resources:

Survey Fundamentals from the University of Wisconsin It’s a 20 page .pdf available free online. In their own words “This guide describes in non-technical terms the underlying principles of good survey design and implementation.”

For in-depth coverage of surveys, including technical aspects of online surveys, I recommend this book. Used copies of older editions are available for less than $5 :

Dillman, Don A., Jolene D. Smyth, and Leah Melani Christian. Internet, phone, mail, and mixed-mode surveys: The tailored design method . John Wiley & Sons, 2014.

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@JMMaok Thank you for this valuable resource! Our communities are an important aspect to any project. Including their voices is detrimental for any community aimed solution.