The Count: How Brigades can help support the 2020 Census (Workshop)

Jose about how Brigades can support the 2020 Census effort. The importance of the 2020 Census can not be understated with this Census determining redistricting, how federal dollars are spent, and providing organizations with important data on communities.

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In 2020, the Census will be mostly a question of trust as experts believe that the “hard to count” communities are may be discouraged from participating in the census.

This means that local communities will be the most important actors in getting a good complete count. To that end, Brigades should consider partnering with their local Complete Count Committees. As this will be the first year of an ‘online first’ Census, we as civic technologists should pitch in to help with the effort.

We hope you will join us to learn more about the Census to discuss how Brigades be supportive in the effort.

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